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Larry works primarily by referral and good reputation as a Senior Broker & Realtor earned over 20+ years, providing top quality real estate service to both buyers and sellers throughout the Greater Seattle area.


I have known Larry for many years ..He was one of the first agents I began working with …. I have referred relatives and clients to him ...he is very efficient and professional and follows through on his plans …. I highly recommend Larry for all facets of the business.

Loan Officer

Larry was the sellers Agent, and was extremely responsive to questions about the house. Larry did a great job communicating with us and provided us with great information that helped complete the deal.


Dear Larry

Thank you for the wonderful dinner, the great company and your outstanding efforts on our behalf while we were purchasing the condo.  I would feel completely comfortable referring anyone to you and will do so!  


Excellent - really admire Larry's calm, courteous manner (as well as outrageous wit) and his remarkable ability to hold deals together and follow through.  Office support was very good as well.


Larry was very enthusiastic, professional and trustworthy.  Everything was handled very well throughout the whole process.  Thank you!  We are so happy with our new home!


The most attentive and superior service we have ever received in all of our many real estate transactions over the years!  Larry could not have been more thoughtful and helpful.  We are deeply grateful that we could work with him.


This was my first home purchase, so I was ignorant and anxious about the whole process.  To my good fortune, however, Larry was my guide.  I appreciate his patience, responsiveness and unfailing, upbeat humor!  Not only that, but Larry's also willing to go the extra mile - and then some.  I plan to recommend him to anyone and everyone that I know who's trying to sell a home.


I've known Larry for over 10 years. He first served as my Buyer's Agent when I purchased a home in the Roosevelt neighborhood of Seattle. He helped me to narrow my selections, to negotiate a price, to find a lender, to find inspectors, etc.; in short, he did everything so I didn't have to...I can't imagine a better agent for either side of the transaction and I have recommended him to friends countless times.


Excellent!  Larry was responsive, patient and knowledgeable.  He did a great job - definitely above and beyond the call of duty.  We are grateful to Larry for his endless patience and countless kindnesses in the face of our difficulty comprehending and negotiating the labyrinth of the real estate market.  Larry kept frayed nerves to a minimum!


In a time when it was not good for house-selling, Larry did a splendidly from photos to advertising.  Thanks!


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About Larry

I have been a Realtor© since 1998 and have established a solid referral business over the years. I work with both buyers and sellers throughout the Greater Seattle area. My background is in accounting and I bring that experience to my work as a broker. The attention to detail and grasp of numbers required in accounting serves me well in evaluating the market value of your existing home as well as negotiating and tracking your upcoming sale or purchase.

I would be happy to serve as your real estate professional. You may contact me any time at 206-226-2440 or send a message.  Thanks so much!

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